Socio-environmental Management Advisory and Contract Management

A strategic and technical unit that delivers consistency, expertise, and an integrated vision.

The work developed in this core ranges from assessments and diagnostics to the development of strategic plans, including:

» Evaluation of opportunities for ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investments.
» Development of Socio-environmental Due Diligence.

Socio-environmental due diligence is the process of strategically analyzing a business opportunity through the evaluation of its negative socio-environmental risks and opportunities, as well as its implications for investment attractiveness.

Evaluating a new investment from a socio-environmental perspective should go beyond identifying risks for the investor in terms of environmental compliance of the venture and costs for conducting studies and implementing projects.


Social and Environmental Due Diligence can become the first strategic plan for:

» anticipate, prevent, and/or mitigate social and environmental risks;
» enhance the levels of social project legitimacy; and
» identify ESG investment alternatives for real operational sustainability.


This is how we have been operating in over 40 socio-environmental due diligence projects conducted for electricity generation and mining ventures.

We engage with international teams from multinational clients and assess risks and opportunities in accordance with Brazilian legislation and international performance standards.

» Compliance with and reporting on international socio-environmental performance standards for securing and maintaining financing.
» Advisory services to socio-environmental management teams throughout different project phases.
» Assistance in managing socio-environmental contracts.

Our mission in Contract Management is to provide our clients with a more integrated and synergistic management approach, yielding benefits such as team optimization, risk anticipation and prevention, and cost optimization.

The Contract Management service comprises:
» Identifying potential weaknesses and opportunities for improvement in existing contract management processes;
» Proposing and developing action plans;
» Defining and monitoring performance indicators;
» Providing assistance in the physical and financial management of contracts, including standardizing budgets and redefining criteria;
» Enhancing the procurement process;
» Defining guiding technical procedures for addressing claims and contract rebalancing, when applicable; and
» Providing training and capacity building for technical teams to enhance contract management.


The final deliverables consist of defining and monitoring outcome indicators per contract type, developing control panels for tracking deviations and physical progress of schedules, identifying risks and mapping critical paths for effective management, preparing and/or revising Regulatory Instructions and reports for different hierarchical levels of the client.

» Development of Strategic Relationship Plans with stakeholders.


Taking proactive action in communication and dialogue with stakeholders strengthens, above all, the image and reputation of the company in its operating territory.

It is also important for reducing the impacts on costs and schedule delays.

One of the services with the greatest leverage in our portfolio is Stakeholder Relationship Management.

Currently, this front already represents about 30% of the total projects developed by Ferreira Rocha and includes the following services:
» Development, implementation, and monitoring of Stakeholder Relationship Strategic Plans;
» Restructuring of Corporate Communication and Social Interaction Policies;
» Development of methodological guidelines for Social Communication and Environmental Education Programs for electricity generation and mining projects;
» Structuring and monitoring of Coexistence Committees, Social Monitoring Forums, and Local Development Forums;
» Proposal of ESG investment alternatives based on perception among key stakeholder groups; and
» Planning, implementation, and/or management of socioeconomic monitoring.